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BCFS appears to be facing its biggest financial challenge in recent years. Due to costs related to serving the community over the summer and early fall, we have now tapped out our reserves and are hoping for a miracle. If you can give a donation, no matter the size, please do so now. Thank you!

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Folks are sometimes surprised to learn that it is summer, not winter, when we see the highest visitation at the Food Shelf. During June, July and August, area households made 12,464 visits to the Food Shelf and took home a total of 20,923 pounds of food. Each monthly visit provides families with enough food for about 10 meals. Because two-thirds of the food we distribute is purchased with donated funds and because donations are less in the summer, the Food Shelf had to dip into its reserves in September in order to keep the bills paid. Now is the time we count on your support to put us back in the black.

To donate, please go here: https://www.givemn.org/organization/Bemidjifoodshelf

Your donation now will help us continue to provide families with one of the most basic needs – food.


Mission Statement
The Bemidji Community Food Shelf is a faith-based, caring place that listens to those who are experiencing food insecurity. We work with our partners to be inclusive and to provide fresh, nourishing foods for those living in Beltrami County and the Bemidji School District.

Organization history
The Bemidji Food Shelf (BCFS) is a nonprofit (IRS Reg. 501c3) organization founded during the summer of 1982. Realizing that the need for food was greater than any one church could handle, a group of twelve churches joined hands. The food shelf now has 17 member churches and serves approximately 3,000 families at a large facility in the Industrial Park, distributing over 700,000 pounds of food per year. We purchase just over half our food, and partner with area stores for donations for the remainder. We have a full time director and four part-time staff, and over 700 volunteers from the community.

BCFS in the news:

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Board of Directors
The Board of Directors meets monthly on the second Thursday of the month.  Everyone is welcome.  Call BCFS at 218-444-6580 for more information.

Executive Board and Advisory Committee
The Executive Committee, consisting of the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Coordinator meets monthly with the Advisory Committee. If you are interested in serving on the Advisory Committee, please contact Mary at BCFS, 218-444-6580.

Need a Speaker?
A member of the BCFS Executive Board will attend a meeting at your church, organization, business or club to provide useful information and answer any questions you might have about the Food Shelf. Just call (218) 444-6580 or email (bcfs@paulbunyan.net) to arrange a time.