Deep Winter Greenhouse


The Bemidji Community Food Shelf is one of five sites in Minnesota to construct a Deep Winter Greenhouse (DWG) in partnership with the University of Minnesota. This exciting and innovative structure is a prototype designed by the Center for Sustainable Building Research and will allow the Farm to grow greens and vegetables for food shelf families all year round!

The DWG will demonstrate sustainable, local food production in our area and be a great learning resource for our community. Construction was completed in Fall 2017 in anticipation of the 2018 winter growing season. Now there is a oxymoron!

This project is in partnership with the U-MN Extension and supported by grants from the Bernick’s Family Foundation and Beltrami Electric’s Round-Up Program. To learn more about this statewide initiative click here.

If you are interested in volunteering in the DWG, please contact our Farm Manager.

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